Passion[fruit]is the monthly youth service at Enfield Baptist Church. This blog will talk about upcoming events and also be a place where people can chat about previous Passion[fruit]s

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Welcome to the Passion[fruit] blog! Passion[fruit] is the monthly youth service at Enfield Baptist Church and happens on the third Sunday of most months at 7pm. It is planned and led by young people (with some interference by me - Amanda). There is normally a mixture of drama, worship, prayer, food, video clips, discussion, Bible stuff and whatever else we think of. The next one is Sunday 15 January. Over the next three months we are getting to grips with the trinity, starting with the Father... come along, you will be very welcome. There is a map and directions on the EBC website....

The idea of the blog is that we can let you know what is going on, but also will be a chance for everyone to comment on what has been going on at Passion[fruit] and chat through any questions etc.


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